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 18. Helio city– 3.2 JJ 18   

Corporations should look to the city of Helios as a new opportunity to start new business. In the recent recession, Helios maintained a lower unemployment rate among the region. What's more, it was the historical industrial center of the region, and it had created manufacturing jobs more than its shares of the region. In order to strengthen its economic base, Helios is now attempting to attract corporations with large expenses in research and development of innovatie technologies.(by goldenage)   
The following appeared as part of an article in a magazine devoted to regional life.   “Corporations should look to the city of Helios when seeking new business opportunities or a new location. Even in the recent recession, Helios’s unemployment rate was lower than the regional average. It is the industrial center of the region, and historically it has provided more than its share of the region’s manufacturing jobs. In addition, Helios is attempting to expand its economic base by attracting companies that focus on research and development of innovative technologies.”

1. 无根据假设:H是industrial center of the region不代表companies that focus on research and development of innovative technologies will achieve in Helios.   
2. 错误比较-时间纵向:错误的假设过去的成功能够代表未来。比方说已经饱和的资源、过分的竞争,以及可能出现的不利政策,都可能导致H地区的经济不再发达。   
3. 因果关系:expand economic base也不能仅仅依靠attract companies.   
4. 因为H地区industrial and manufacturing比较attractive,所以那里的工人很可能只适合做这类的,如果缺乏能够做innovative technologies and research的工人labor pool,那么很可能导致失败。   5. H的低失业率更可能成为坏处,因为比如有less available work force,企业就必须提高wage才能吸引他们,从而提高了cost。   
In this argument corporations are urged to consider the city of Helios when seeking a new location or new business opportunities. To support this recommendation, the author points out that Helios is the industrial center of the region, providing most of the region’s manufacturing jobs and enjoying a lower-than-average unemployment rate. Moreover, it is argued, efforts are currently underway to expand the economic base of the city by attracting companies that focus on research and development of innovative technologies. This argument is problematic for two reasons.   To begin with, it is questionable whether the available labor pool in Helios could support all types of corporations. Given that Helios has attracted mainly industrial and manufacturing companies in the past, it is unlikely that the local pool of prospective employees would be suitable for corporations of other types. For example, the needs of research and development companies would not be met by a labor force trained in manufacturing skills. For this reason, it’s unlikely that Helios will be successful in its attempt to attract companies that focus or research and development of innovative technologies.   Another problem with the available work force is its size. Due to the lower than average unemployment rate in Helios, corporations that require large numbers of workers would not find Helios attractive. The fact that few persons are out of work suggests that new corporations will have to either attract new workers to Helios or pay the existing workers higher wages in order to lure them away from their current jobs. Neither of these alternatives seems enticing to companies seeking to relocate.   In conclusion, the author has not succeeded in providing compelling reasons for selecting Helios as the site for a company wishing to relocate. In fact, the reasons offered function better as reasons for not relocating to Helios. Nor has the author provided compelling reasons for companies seeking new business opportunities to choose Helios.   
19.服装公司– 3.4 JJ 19   

首先来说essay 一个financial analyst分析:一个做服装的公司, 过去5年的sale in retail stores很好,所以他们想要多开125家店(反正100多,当时就想,天!一下开100+店 能行么?)又说CEO 是rock star, 她的star power会很大程度上帮助sale。(by maimiki)   

V1作文是说有一个financial analyst wrote a memo to the Investment Director. 因为一个公司叫Crow Brand manufactures t-shirts, jeans which has become a hot trend in youth apparel. Right now, this company sells most of their products through various outlets. Moreover, its management team has very aggressive plan to open 125 stores in shopping malls. The financial analyst strongly recommend his clients buy Crow Brand's stock. Its CEO, who is a previous rock star, will also make this company a fashion.   

1.时地全等:该公司sale growth已经持续了5年不能表示今年以及将来它会继续增长。   
2.错误类比:outlets和shopping malls的销售模式和strategies不一样,Crow Brand 通过various outlets去销售它们的产品,而如果它们open 125 stores在shopping malls就不一定能保证它们的产品能给投资者带来更好的收益了。   
3.无端假设:CEO是Former rock star不代表她的products可以吸引众多的消费者来购买。因为消费者不会关心她曾经是不是rock star。   
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