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Part 1 Vocabulary

1. The professor's presentation was both____and____: though brief, it was instructive.

2. Celia Tomlinson personifies____: she overcame poverty, language barriers, and discrimination to found, own, and operate her own engineering company.

3. Some psychologists argue that a____ of choices can be paralyzing, since too many options can impede meaningful selection.

4. The respect accorded choreogapher Martha Graham by her students and colleagues alike was so great that it amounted to ____

5. Sally, thoroughly convinced of her own importance, often acts without____:she feels no guilt, for example, about appropirating her brother's posseseeions.

6. Nothing in the essay is____: every sentence contributes in an essential way to the overall meaning.

7. Cito Gaston, one of the least____baseball managers, surprised reporters by weeping openly after his team won the play-offs.

8. The beared dragon lizard is a voracious eater, so____that it will consume as many insects as possible.

9.Favoring economy of expression in writing, the professor urged students toward a ____ rather than an ____prose style.

10. The slogan 'What goes up must come down' was so universally accepted by economists that it was considered____.

Part 2 Grammar (improving sentences)

11. The bite pressure of wolves, harder than German Shepherds, is about l,500 pounds per square inch.

12. With billions of tons yet to be mined, some argue that coal conservation measures are unnecessary.

13.Hockey fans in the 1990s saw more violence on the rink than the 1950s and 1960s.

14. Trying to keep her balance on the icy surface, the last competitor's ski-tip caught the pole and somersaulted into the soft snow.

15. The temperature dropped suddenly last night, which will mean that the shoots emerging from the soil will be killed by the frost.

16. The impostor eluded detection for so long because she conducted herself as though she were a licensed practitioner.

17.Being abandoned by our friends is the cause of great sorrow for us.

18. Among the many reasons for his defeat in the election was his arrogant assumption that his constituents were incapable of understanding economic conditions, and his unwarranted attack on his chief opponent.

19.More and more holidaymakers are choosing to fly to remote islands in search of the perfect beach seeking sand, sun and palm trees, rather than centers of entertainment.

20.The government requires that these forms should be submitted before the end of the financial year.

21. After arduous months of fighting, the sight of the white flag being raised generated as much relief on the victor's side than it did on the vanquished.

22. The best way to encourage innovative thinking is not to promise financial rewards for ideas, but to ensure that the person making the suggestion receives recognition for his contribution.

23. It ought to be her with whom you share your secrets, not me.

Part 3 Reading

The excerpt is taken from a novel. Mr. Harding, now an old man, has lost his position as the Warden of a hospital for old men. He has just come from an unsuccessful interview with Mr. Slope concerning his reappointment to the position.sat

Mr. Harding was not a happy man as he walked down the palace pathway, and stepped out into the close. His position and pleasant house were a second time gone from him; but that he could endure. He had been schooled and insulted by a man young enough to be his son; but that he could put up with. He could even draw from the very injuries which had been inflicted on him some of that consolation which, we may believe, martyrs always receive from the injustice oftheir own sufferings. He had admitted to his daughter that he wanted the comfort of his old home, and yet he could have returned to his lodgings in the High Street, if not with exultation, at least with satisfaction, had that been all. But the venom of the chaplain's harangue had worked into his blood, and sapped the life of his sweet contentment.

    'New men are carrying out new measures, and are carting away the useless rubbish of past centuries!' What cruel words these had been- and how often are they now used with all the heartless cruelty of a Slope! A man is sufficiently condemned if it can only be shown that either in politics or religion he does not belong to some new school established within the last score of years. He may then regard himself as rubbish and expect to be carted away. A man is nothing now unless he has within him a full appreciation of the new era; an era in which it would seem that neither honesty nor truth is very desirable, but in which success is the only touchstone of merit. We must laugh at everything that is established. Let the joke be ever so bad, ever so ntrue to the real principles of joking; nevertheless we must laugh or else beware the cart. We must talk, think, and live up to the spirit of the times, or else we are nought. New men and new measures, long credit and few scruples, great success or wonderful ruin, such are now the tastes of Englishmen who know how to live! Alas, alas! Under such circumstances Mr. Harding could not but feel that he was an Englishman who did not know how to live. This new doctrine of Mr. Slope and the rubbish cart sadly disturbed his equanimity.

    'The same thing is going on throughout the whole country!' 'Work is now required from every man who receives wages!' And had he been living all his life receiving wages, and doing no work? Had he in truth so lived as to be now in his old age justly reckoned as rubbish fit only to be hidden away in some huge dust-hole? The school of men to whom he professes to belong, the Grantlys, the Gwynnes, are afflicted with no such self-accusations as these which troubled Mr. Harding. They, as a rule, are as satisfied with the wisdom and propriety of their own conduct as can be any Mr. Slope, or any Bishop with his own. But, unfortunately for himself, Mr. Harding had little of this self-reliance. When he heard himself designated as rubbish by the Slopes of the world, he had no other resource than to make inquiry within his own bosom as to the truth of the designation. Alas, alas! the evidence seemed generally to go against him

24. The main cause of Mr. Harding's unhappiness as he leaves the Bishop's Palace is

25. It can be inferred that Slope is

26. The word 'equanimity' (line 23) most nearly means

27.It can be inferred that Mr Harding is especially disturbed because he

28. Mr. Harding differs from others of his 'school' (line 27) because they

29.The tone of the sentence 'New' (lines 19-21) is

30. The first two sentences of paragraph 3 relate the

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